GM/GL KENDA Inner Tube 20*4 Inch
GM/GL KENDA Inner Tube 20*4 Inch
GM/GL KENDA Inner Tube 20*4 Inch

GM/GL KENDA Inner Tube 20*4 Inch

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The inner tube is a consumable item, and it cannot be returned or exchanged if it is not a quality problem after the product is inflated and stretched. After receiving the inner tube, please check whether the inner tube is completely shriveled (vacuum at the factory). The shriveled state means that it is sealed and air-tight. If necessary, it can be slightly inflated and put into the water to see if there is air leakage and blisters.

The inner tube needs to be loaded into the outer tire before it can be inflated and stretched under high pressure. Otherwise, the uneven pressure of the high-pressure air fluid on the sidewall will cause the inner tube to stretch unevenly, making the inner tube different in thickness.

(Note: This is not a quality issue and does not affect use, but it is easy to cause misunderstandings by newbies.)

Once the inner tube is inflated and stretched, it cannot be returned. Please check carefully before loading. For video tutorials, please contact us via email.

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KENDA Kenda rubber airtight butyl inner tube, durable upgrade.

Five advantages of choosing KENDA inner tube:

  1. Quality Assurance
  2. Strict quality control
  3. Airtight and tensile
  4. Heat resistant and durable
  5. Special for competitions


Product Details:

KENDA Inner Tube

Applicable to GM/GL series

If you need to buy inner tubes for the front and rear wheels, please select 2 for the quantity to be purchased.

Size: 20*4 inch