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Mukkpet was born from a vision to offer affordable and top-quality e-bikes to both beginners and experienced riders, enabling them to embark on thrilling journeys with style and reliability.

Who We Are

Mukkpet specializes in the design and production of cutting-edge e-bikes, catering to the needs of urban commuters and outdoor enthusiasts. Our range of electric bikes combines innovative technology and superior craftsmanship, providing a thrilling and eco-friendly riding experience.

Unleash your adventure with Mukkpet e-bikes, whether you're exploring city streets or conquering rugged terrains. Join the growing community of riders who rely on Mukkpet for high-performance and reliable electric bicycles, empowering you to go the extra mile with style and sustainability.

Mukkpet series
Our Ebikes

Cutting-edge. Versatile. Check out our lineup of Suburban and GL.

Designed for urban commuters and outdoor adventurers. From sleek city bikes to rugged off-road models, we offer the perfect ride for every journey.