Enjoy The Ride


Bring new and green riding experiences to as many consumers as possible.

At present, the international constantly advocates a green, healthy lifestyle, helping to improve the quality of the atmosphere environment, reduce urban commuting congestion. Mukkpet has always been committed to providing products and services that make you feel satisfied, creating a green tech-driven lifestyle, helping you stop worrying about commuting, and making the transition to a low-carbon lifestyle, provide fun and affordable electric transportation for more friends.

Our Mission

Adhere to the production of multi-functional and more universal models, which are close to the needs of entry-level cycling enthusiasts.

Our Vision

Mukkpet was born from a vision to offer affordable and top-quality e-bikes to both beginners and experienced riders, enabling them to embark on thrilling journeys with style and reliability.

Tight Control of the Production Process

With a steadfast commitment to meticulous oversight at every step of the production chain, we diligently oversee each stage, starting from the acquisition of raw materials and extending to the final assembly. This approach ensures a seamless and well-regulated manufacturing process, where integration and control are paramount.

Factory ebikes assembly workshop

Mukkpet ebike factory use fully automatic production lines, 74 production processes, more than 300 small inspection links, and layers of checks to ensure that the quality of each electric bicycle meets the standard! Since 2017, Mukkpet has cooperated with various scientific research institutions in China, and has made great leaps in the development, process management, and quality inspection of electric bicycles, and has created top, reliable and high-quality products for the industry!

Excellent Quality

In 2018, Mukkpet expanded its factory to 20,00 square meters, introduced a production line for electric bike, and added 3 automated welding production lines. Now Mukkpet ebike factory can produce 2000 electric bicycles every month! Mukkpet uses advanced cutting, forming, welding, and polishing equipment, with high production efficiency and the ability to produce 1000 sets of frames per day.

Better Design

Mukkpet has many experienced designers and engineers. Our engineers can convert hand drawings or ideas into 3D drawings and finally produce new products, which can be completed within a week! As of March 2021, we have obtained more than 50 patents in the field of electric bicycles! We have always adhered to the design concepts of people-oriented, innovative and environmentally friendly, and are committed to developing family electric bicycles that are cost-effective, more ergonomic, low-carbon and energy-saving.