About Us

Our founder, Erik, is an entrepreneur who has come out of an ordinary company for more than 12 years. He jumped out of the comfort zone and did not forget the original purpose. Erik spent a lot of time and settled down to study the process of each process, constantly trying new styles. Adhere to the original intention of "Quality-oriented, travel thousands of miles" in the complex Electric Bicycle Industry. During the difficult period when Erik was crossing the river by feeling the stones, he met Jack, who shared the same passion and vision for the E-bike industry. They hit it off, aiming at the international crude oil rising and more and more people pay attention to environmental protection and emission reduction opportunities, and jointly create the FIRST Mukkpet E-bike: GL 500, which is an electric bicycle that fully considers riding performance and is convenient for travel. Erik and Jack deduced Mukkpet's entrepreneurial history from 0 to 1 with hard work and wisdom. After 8 years of self-employment and difficult development, Mukkpet has grown into an industry trend with the concept of "Technology, Green, and Freedom". Mukkpet offers a wide range of products from all directions, with the goal of making electric bikes more accessible to our customers -everyone who is with Mukkpet-, to love with electric electric bikes and enjoy every trip with Mukkpet.

In the past three years, the GM/GL series has received a lot of praise from consumers. Its foldability brings them a good travel experience and enriches their outdoor life. We continue to upgrade and innovate our product line to bring a best new riding experience to the consumer group. Therefore, we are about to launch an entry-level off-road e-bike, which has a wider audience in terms of price and design, is convenient for novice riding enthusiasts to get started, and has stronger functionality.

Our Mission:

Adhere to the production of multi-functional and more universal models, which are close to the needs of entry-level cycling enthusiasts.

Our Vision:

Bring new riding experiences to as many consumers as possible and drive the transition to a green lifestyle.

At present, the international constantly advocates a green, healthy lifestyle, helping to improve the quality of the atmosphere environment, reduce urban commuting congestion. Mukkpet has always been committed to providing products and services that make you feel satisfied, creating a green tech-driven lifestyle, helping you stop worrying about commuting, and making the transition to a low-carbon lifestyle, provide fun and affordable electric transportation for more friends.