New Way For Trip


E-bikes are not only a way of travel, but also a new lifestyle for exploring family entertainment.

Come on in and stay a while!

I'm Erik, a Southern rooted man, dad, bicycle design engineer with over ten years of experience who believes in the power of our stories. I'm saved daily by work and strong coffee. I’m a perfectly imperfect mess of a dad and bike engineer, but the more I share my real, the more I realize how much we all have in common. I don’t know exactly where my road will lead, but I know I’m glad I’m not on it alone and I’m thankful for the opportunity to be in it with my little family and my big family online(you guys). I believe all our stories matter and one of my biggest dreams is that everyone else would believe it, too.

Beautiful life on bikes!

In 2022, I reduced my work and focused on my family. I replaced my car with an ebike and took my son out to ride and play ball every day. Gradually, my daughter also followed her brother. Nothing feels truer than sharing our stories, the good, the bad and ebikes. Every day, I design, draw and hold meetings in the morning, and take my children out for exercise and relaxation in the afternoon and evening. There I teach, accompany, educate my two children, and design freely, all of which are accompanied by a bicycle, riding, playing basketball and a bedtime story. I find that when I share my true experiences, others can relate because ultimately we have a lot more in common than we realize.

Returning home

For ten years, I have devoted my experience to designing and selling ebikes, using my design experience to bring you a unique riding experience, and loving every minute of it. Except for the part I didn't like, mainly not having time to spend with my kids. Many times I come home and the kids are playing video games, tablets, and cell phones with little to no outdoor activity. One day, I knew it was time to change. I changed my bicycle to an ebike and put spending time with my children and family first. That's it, I changed my children's lifestyle and developed their courage and physical fitness. At first, my son was not interested in these activities, but I persevered every day, spending time with them on cycling exercises, and giving my son encouragement and support. Gradually, his son began to enjoy outdoor sports, his personality became cheerful, and his physical fitness also improved.

Find my calling

This experience changed my outlook on life and values. I am determined to focus more on the research and development of family-centered electric bicycles. I hope that through such products, more families can enjoy accompanying their children as they grow up like me. He devotes more time and energy to creating safe, comfortable and environmentally friendly family electric bicycles.