#Why We Come Exploring the Highlands with Mukkpet

Embarking on an Electric Adventure

Recently, I had the exhilarating opportunity to venture into the remote Highlands, powered by an electric bike and a robust power bank system. Join me as I recount my journey on the Mukkpet e-bike, where I discovered stunning landscapes, conquered challenging terrains, and embraced the liberating experience of off-grid living.

Discovering the Mukkpet E-Bike

When I first learned about the Mukkpet Suburban e-bike, I was immediately intrigued. As someone not particularly fond of traditional cycling, the concept of an electric-assist bike enhancing my adventures was quite appealing.

The Mukkpet Suburban is a road-legal e-bike in the US, also suitable for private land use. With its 750-watt motor and a top speed of 25 mph, it proved ideal for navigating the rugged Highland trails. Its front-suspension design, featuring robust forks, effectively smoothed out bumps, ensuring a comfortable ride even on challenging paths.

Despite not being an experienced mountain biker, I found the Suburban remarkably easy to handle. Its wide, fat tires provided excellent traction on gravel and rocky surfaces, while the powerful motor effortlessly tackled steep inclines. This combination significantly enhanced my cycling enjoyment, exceeding my initial expectations.

Conquering the Highlands with Mukkpet Suburban

Equipped with the Mukkpet Suburban, I set off to explore the breathtaking Highland landscapes. Starting from the southeastern side, I navigated winding forestry tracks and gravel roads with ease.

The Suburban's performance on steep, technical terrain immediately impressed me. As I ventured deeper into the Highlands, the scenery became increasingly awe-inspiring—rugged mountains, tranquil lochs, and winding glens painting a picturesque backdrop to my adventure.

Frequent stops to capture the landscape's beauty on camera were effortless, thanks to the Suburban's comfort and stability. Its fat tires and suspension system ensured I could traverse rocky and uneven ground confidently.

As the Suburban's battery began to deplete, I sought out a suitable camping spot to recharge—an opportunity to utilize my power bank system.

Powering an Off-Grid Wild Camp

With the Suburban's battery running low, I located a picturesque camping spot where I could set up an off-grid base and recharge. Nestled amidst mountains and overlooking lochs, it offered a perfect setting.

Connecting the power bank to the Suburban's charging port, I harnessed its combined 1200Wh capacity to replenish the bike's battery fully. With surplus power available, I powered my camp essentials:

  • An induction stove, powered by a 600W inverter, allowed me to cook a delightful meal while soaking in the magnificent scenery.
  • Auxiliary LED lighting, using a 48V to 12V converter, bathed my campsite in a warm glow and facilitated navigation after sunset.
  • Directly connecting devices to the power bank ensured I stayed connected and captured every moment of my adventure.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, it painted a breathtaking panorama over the lochs and mountains, capping off a remarkable day.


I hope my journey with the Mukkpet Suburban has inspired you to explore the great outdoors in an exhilarating new way. Whether you're a seasoned cyclist or new to e-bikes, the Mukkpet Suburban promises to unlock a realm of adventure. Happy exploring!